Full Wedding Planning and Management

This is our ultimate comprehensive wedding planning service that covers all aspects of organising your wedding. This service is for you if you operate a tight schedule and need a professional on board from the inception to final delivery. We take care of everything including:
• Personalised Wedding Planner Checklist
• Budget Management
• Venue Sourcing
• Vendor Selection & Referrals (If required)
• Negotiations and Contract Reviews
• Venue Design and Styling (If required)
• Menu & Beverage Selection
• Payment Management – make payment to all vendors
• Guest & RSVP Management - assistance with seating plan if required
• Expert Advice and Guidance
• Bridal Dress Sourcing and Fitting
• Venue Visit –Scheduled venue walkthrough with all the vendors
• Production Schedule – Bespoke wedding timeline for all vendors and venue contact
• Honeymoon Arrangements (If required)
• Pre-Wedding Event Management – Including pre-wedding photo shoot and rehearsal coordination
• Wedding Day Management and Coordination
• Post Event Analysis and Feedback


We offer a *complimentary consultation service to understand your requirements to enable us offer you the best service that suits your wedding needs.

Partial Wedding Planning and Management

This service is for you if you have started the wedding planning process, and then later become overwhelmed as you manage the many items still outstanding. Or perhaps you are so caught up in the planning process that you have little or no time for yourself and your fiance. Then we are your one-stop wedding solution to take the load off you so you can focus on yourself and nurture your relationship.
We come in to give you professional guidance and support to ensure no stones are left unturned. What we offer includes but are not limited to the following:
• Review Your Plan - To know how far you have gone and what is left
• Go Through All Vendor Contracts – To know what the arrangement is between you and them
• Venue Visit – A venue walkthrough with all the vendors
• Production Schedule – Wedding timeline for all vendors and venue contact
• Pre-Wedding Event Management – Including pre-wedding photo shoot and rehearsal coordination
• Wedding Day Management and Coordination
• Post Event Analysis and Feedback


This service is tailored to meet your personal requirements. We will work with the existing plan and budget you have set to make your day a success. Overall, we create a worry-free event no matter our level of involvement, be it on a large, medium, or small scale.
If you find yourself overwhelmed or need some professional help with your ongoing plan, contact us today to see how we can step in to relieve the pressure.


Wedding Day Coordination and Management

Picture this: You have planned your perfect dream wedding, dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. On your way to the church, you receive a call from a concerned family member that the venue stylist has not arrived at the reception, the cake has been delivered but no one knows what to do with it, the caterer is nowhere to be found…What will you do?
The above scenario, unfortunately, is a regular occurrence at weddings nowadays and that is where we step in with our expertise and experience, to manage and coordinate your special day. By taking advantage of our day coordination service, you are sure to have the peace of mind that comes with it including:
• In-depth consultation 4 - 6 weeks before your wedding day
• Liaising with all the vendors including a site visit before your wedding day to discuss and agree on how the day will run effectively and effortless
• A detailed wedding timeline for your wedding day sent out a week prior to your BIG day
• Wedding day management from start to finish making sure everything is executed as planned and agreed with you
• Create a peaceful ambience throughout your wedding celebration leaving our signature trail

Wedding Design & Styling

This is our stand-alone service to our discerning clients who have sorted out the planning aspects but need help with the look and feel of their day.
We will
• Assist you to build your concept, guiding you through the process of developing your theme of décor and colour schemes
• Work with you to build on and expand your existing ideas, visions and inspirations
• Incorporate your personality and style, we create a bespoke décor that will wow you and your guests
• Discuss lighting, furniture, table setting, glassware, all down to the smallest details
• Source and build everything required to create a stunning design for your wedding day
• Customize your designs using all the resources you have supplied, to create a bespoke design for you
• Utilize our creative flair to create a masterpiece design bringing your ideas and visions to life
• To help you visualise these ideas, we build and create different mock-ups with your venue in mind, for you to choose from, thus creating a design of what your day will look like
• Send detailed and clear proposals to enable you to make your decisions based on your spending plan
• Create your dream wedding day, bringing your dreams alive and leaving you and your guests stunned. We guarantee to give your décor the sparkle of our signature!


Fine Dining and Management

Our main focus is to ensure the service and dining experience is perfect on your special day. We work with a selection of tested and trusted caterers & mixologists to see to it that your guests have a wonderful dining experience.
This is a bespoke service that is tailored to meet your requirements. Our services include the following and can be combined as needed:
• Menu & Beverage Selection
• Bar Hire – Cocktails & Mocktails
• Crockery, Glassware and Cutlery Hire
• Provision of Waiting & Bar Staff
• Provision of Ushers and Hostesses


All our staffs are specially selected and well trained. They possess excellent customer service skills to give your event the exceptional attention to detail from start to finish!
All our services are bespoke and specially tailored to meet your needs. We will give you our expert advice after our initial consultation to determine the exact service you need.