My Fine Dining Experience with Favour Catering @Hilton Tower Bridge

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Although I have met and worked with Nigel and Victoria of Favour Catering and Events a few years ago through my mentor Seyi Olusanya of Once Upon A Destination. However, I have never received a personal invite to one of their taster sessions until now. So with was with great excitement and joy that I accepted the invite even before I checked my calendar to see if I will be available on the day. My head said what if I had an event or something, my heart said we will work on

I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive so I could enjoy experience firsthand. I arrived two and a half hours early as I did not want to miss any aspect of the event. I was welcomed by Nigel who was directing other industry vendors to ensure they were all comfortable at their stations while setting up. I scanned the room and saw @justlikemummys, @afmena events, @djmri, @theperfectweddingstory, @goodtimesphotoboot and I knew I was in for a great time. The staff of Favour were also scattered around the foyer tidying up the loose ends before the guests arrived and of course, I joined in too. We had a brief meeting with Nigel before the guests arrived and he stressed the importance of treating everyone like royalty – a tip I will hold on tightly to forever!



The first batch of guests was welcomed by Lorraine, a supervisor at Favour Catering, I was close by to watch her welcome the guests. She had a big smile on her face – this is what most people look forward to at events as it makes them comfortable and relaxed. Within half an hour the foyer was filled with guests interacting with the vendors while the waiters served the canapés. I also went to meet the guests, striking conversations and getting to know the nature of their events.

The hall opened to the guests with some light music playing in the background. We helped the guests to their seats, Victoria gave the welcome speech and the merriment began. It was a three-course menu with a family style setting so all the guests were seated and served by the waiters while being entertained by the Mater Of Ceremonies and the DJ.

A few of the couples shared their story of how they met and you could hear the aww, bless, giggles all around the room as we all listened and laughed our hearts out. The couple with the winning story got a prize – something that will come in very useful towards their wedding.

The Q & A session allowed guests clear their minds of those nagging questions that popped up during the course of the events. Everyone enjoyed their meals and had a great time. How did I know this? People didn’t want to leave, most of the guests headed to the buffet table displayed outside to get pick up their packed takeaways meals. Some headed to the vendors outside to continue some chit-chat, to the photo booth and as they finally decided to head out they were met with a big smile by Lorraine with a goody bag and some pack of sweeties to enjoy on their way home.

Guests arrive to enjoy the ambience, the decor, the music, the fine dining, the organised atmosphere etc only because a lot of work had gone into making the event a huge success. This whole experience is a memorable one because someone pulled together a team of professionals to make something that we all enjoyed at Favour First Food Taster for 2017 a resounding success.

This whole experience is a memory for me one because I see someone pull together a team of professionals to execute a flawless event that we all enjoyed at the First Favour Food Taster for 2017 a resounding success. If a taster can be that successful, think of how much more they will go for your big day.

Hats off to the Favour Catering Team!


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When considering a vendor for your wedding or event, ensure to go for professionals who are qualified and have experience in their field of expertise. Ensure they see your vision so they can help make it a reality!



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