Ask Questions, No Question Is Insignificant.

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A few years ago, a friend of one of us was getting married out of town. The bride, working on a strict budget was looking for every means to reduce cost. So we volunteered to assist her coordinate her day but only at the reception. As the wedding was out of town, she got someone locally to decorate the hall.

Our team arrived as scheduled and we got to work immediately. About 30mins later, a lady walked into the hall, said she was from the decorating company, she will start ahead before the rest of her team joined her. Great, our supervisor thought, we can live with that!

After about 15 mins, our supervisor made a call to the company to find out how long the team will be. On answering, she was told..they will be there within an hr. An hr, that’s a bit late..we will see you soon and the phone went off.

Rather than wait for them to arrive, our team got started with the set up as the lady from the decor company only focused on the stage. Thankfully she brought all the props with her else it would have been a different story. Minutes, hours went by and no show from the decor company.  We made a few calls, no pickup. We asked the lady, she said they were on their way.

Alas! They eventually arrived after we were done setting up the chair covers, table linen, centrepieces etc and was tidying up getting ready for the guests to come in. Their excuse for been late – “we have 3 other events today, the bride is aware, we told her when she contacted us and she was okay with it”. There was nothing else to be said for now other than to say thank you and walked away – no need to argue or make a fuss, the deed had been done.


Let us get this party started!



The day went well and the bride only got to find out when she called to say thank you and for the post-event analysis feedback. All these information was not clarified when she contacted them she informed our event director. She was never aware the company had 3 other events on the same day as hers.

As a company, it is okay to have 5 events a day if you have the resources to cover each event and the clients’ or other vendors do not suffer at your own expense.

As a client, ask questions, nothing is too much to ask when making an enquiry! It is your special day and you expect a 100% service that you paid for so ensure to ask all the possible questions, go through all the contracts and get 100% clarity on how things will be done and executed so you are not disappointed on the day especially if you do not have a wedding planner or coordinator.

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