Hands-on Bride, Please Hire A Wedding Day Coordinator!

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All the hands-on brides out there, please do not fall a victim to this real scenario that happened recently, hire a wedding day coordinator. It gives you the peace of mind that someone is in charge and knows what they are doing!

A bride hired us for the fine dining and management on her wedding day. When we arrived at the venue, we noticed some chivari chairs stacked up around the room. 2 ladies were on the stage making it look pretty and the band setting up in a corner – cracking jokes.
After about an hr, our event supervisor walked up to the ladies on the stage to find out when they were going to set up the chairs and tables as the waiters needed to sort out the table setting etc.
One of them introduced herself and asked if she was the wedding planner or coordinator..she said no, I only came with the food and waiting staffs.  The lady continued, the bride is very hands-on she only contracted the stage and dance door to us. So our event supervisor pointed to the chairs and replied, oh a company delivered them but they were not paid to set up and she walked away.
At once, our supervisor went to the kitchen to have a chat with the venue manager who answered; we also provide decorating services but the bride got the venue on dry hire. Meaning, our supervisor asked, she did not want our chairs she got those in so she should have sorted out who will arrange them for her. And you and your people will not? she exclaimed, He rolled his eyes and walked away too.
She called out to him as he walked off, you won’t let her come in on her wedding day and see the hall this way? Turning back, he answered – “we’ll see, go and do your job and let her guests come and sort the place out for her “.
At once, our supervisor went to the waiting staff and instructed a handful of them to set up the chairs. She also spoke to the ladies who had now finished the stage and were tidying up, getting ready to leave. They weren’t really pleased but they joined in.  A few guys from the band also joined in and in no time, they were done. The waiters went on to finish the setup and the hall looked somewhat ready. Now, something was missing; THE CENTREPIECES!!!!
 She went to the hall manager to ask for them, he answered; a friend of the family was meant to have dropped them off the day before but nobody came.
She urged him to call the contact to find out what was happening, he was kind enough to do so but was told the father of the bride misplaced the keys to where the centrepieces were kept. They were trying to work something out but the families were in church now for the ceremony.
To wrap this up, the guests arrived and were seated long before the centrepieces were delivered to the reception. The waiters were placing them on the table while the couple and the bridal party were dancing in.
This scenario, unfortunately, happened for real. Imagine if our supervisor did not think on her feet and stepped in to make good a seemingly negative situation. What would have happened if the guests came in and the chairs were still stacked up and the hall was not ready?
We had a few what if’s after this event but thank goodness it eventually turned out great. The bride did not realise all that happened because someone stepped in to help out. A few of the guests saw the tail end of the situation and commended our supervisor for a job well done. She smiled but highlighted that I am not the planner or coordinator I am only here with the food and waiters but we couldn’t just sit back and let things fall apart!
These days we have a lot of hands-on brides out and that is completely great. But don’t let all your hard work go to waste on your day because there is no one to direct and manage things. Do your research and hire a professional to coordinate your day.
Some venues appoint a venue manager on the day but they do not take the place of wedding coordinators. Do your research and hire a wedding coordinator that will make your day as real you have dreamt it!

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